Friday, November 20, 2009

my little guy is three months old!

already!? really! three months! geesh!

alot has been going on with little corbin. he's growing so big, so fast. where do i even start? he is one happy little baby. always babbling on and smiling. i love the sound of his voice! he is constantly having conversations with uuhhh things like bare walls, mini blinds, blankets, and coat racks. he's a genious i tell ya! i also got my very first giggle out of him this month! my eyes instantly filled with tears. it was one of the sweetest sounds i've EVER heard!
he's also found his hands and constantly has them in his mouth. among anything else that gets within an inch of his face he opens his mouth wide. its funny when i wash his face he tries to eat the wash cloth! and he's also discovered his toys. he loves his playmat more now then ever. and tummy time too! we're working on getting him to roll over from his belly to his back. he's almost there!
we took our first trip to the mall a couple weeks ago too. he loves being in public and just stares at everything. he's always so good wrapped all snug in my lovey dud wrap. AND we had our first trip out to eat too! ryan and i would eat out many times a week before corbin was born so it was fun to get back out there! it was only to taco del mar but we're doing this baby-steps style!

corbin is completely out of his newborn clothes and is on to zero to three month and three to six month sizes. it was sad to get all the newborn clothes together and know he won't ever fit into them again! :( and he's wearing size 1-2 diapers. we've been so fortunate up to this point and haven't had to buy a single diaper because we're still going off of the ones from my shower but im strongly considering going with cloth ones once we're out of our diaper stock! we'll see.
we bought corbin a bumbo and he loves sitting. its the cutest. sometimes he looks like a drunkin' sailor the way his head wobbles around though!
and i definetely have another sports fan on my hands. corbin can lay with dad on a saturday and watch college football (go huskies!) for hours. its pretty sweet to see them together like that. corbin laying on his dad's chest dozing off and on.
all in all its been a pretty fun and special month and we're really looking forward to the holiday season!

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