Wednesday, November 04, 2009

a day in the life of us.

i've been wanting to write one of these since corbin had just arrived but now that im writing this i realize it would just say i changed corbins diaper, i fed corbin, corbin went to sleep. and just repeat that over and over. so now that he's almost three months old he's a little more active and this should be a little funner to read. maybe i'll do one every three months or so to see all the changes in our daily life.

so, my morning starts at 4 am. corbin wakes up and i change his diaper and feed him for about twenty minutes. he usually goes right back to sleep and today is no exception. and i go back to sleep too!

8am. corbin wakes up again. same routine. change diaper. feed. then he doses off again and i head to the kitchen for some breakfast. on the menu today is two pieces of toast, a yogurt, a bowl of frosted mini wheats, and a big glass of water. that may seem like a lot but i know that some days i dont eat again til two o'clock so i gotta stock up!

9am. corbin wakes up from his little nap and i sit on the coach and rock him for a little while. i love that he's becoming more cuddly. when he starts wiggling around a little i read him a book. he loves listening to stories! when that's done we head into his room to play on his play mat and have a little tummy time. i multi-task and update his vaccine record book and make a doctors appt trying to remember not to talk baby talk while on the phone. haha

10am. i change corbins diaper and we call dad and tell him corbin accomplished five minutes straight of tummy time with no crying! wahoo! he's getting better at it! (normally he hates being on his tummy) and then i just play with him on the changing table until he gets bored of it. our changing table is right at his bedroom window and he loves looking outside and having me stick my tongue out so he can copy! when he's bored we head to the living room to play on my lap. he's all smiles and is talking like crazy so i grab the video camera and record him for dad to watch later.

10:25am. corbin is getting sleepy so i stand up and bounce him in my arms until he falls asleep then i lay down on the couch with him and watch the rest of the view.

10:45am. he's awake! we snuggle and i make funny faces at him to make him smile! :) then i put him in his swing while he chomps on his hands, coo's, and watches me do the dishes.

11:05am. another diaper change and time to eat! since im at the computer and he falls asleep while eating i just let him sleep and catch up on facebook and the bump and add lots of items to my favorites on while i watch ellen.

12:15pm. awake again, i go to the living room and turn on, your baby can read and set him in his swing to watch it. then i go to the kitchen to eat some cheese slices and prepare myself a yummy acorn squash.

12:45pm. great grandma nana calls and wants to know if i want anything from town. she suggest a milkshake from mcdonalds and i say yes! and add an apple pie too please! (hey, arent i supposed to be eating more calories because im breastfeeding!?!? i know they shouldnt be empty calories but today i trick my brain and give in. i eat healthy every other day!)

1:20pm. i decide its time to get out of the house so i wrap on my lovey dud wrap, stick corbin in, and we're off to the mailbox! when we get back its time for another diaper change. (geez, how many is that already!)

2pm. he eats again and falls asleep.

2:35pm. corbin wakes up and i change his diaper again.

2:40pm. DAD'S HOME! and can't get his hands on corbin soon enough. which gives me time to reheat that squash and actually sit down and eat it while corbin and dad play.

3pm. we get a visit from grandad todd who comes over to fix our weather stripping around the front door. corbin and i hang out in the computer room because he's got the front door open and its cold out there!

3:45pm. my sister calls and we talk for a little bit while dad changes corbins diaper and hands him over for another feeding. and so he can go eat his mom's homemade chili she sent over the night before. by now corbin hasn't had a solid sleep for a while so he feeds and sleeps off and on til about 5:15.

5:15pm. all three of us get on the living room floor and play and read some more books. a while later mimi stops by for about fifteen minutes and when she leaves ryan starts some laundry.

6:30pm. corbin is asleep and i have two hands free so ryan and i head to the bedroom to organize our closet.

7pm. corbin wakes up, i change his diaper, and feed him.

7:40pm. when he's done eating i put him in the bouncer with the hiccups and now its finally time for me to eat dinner! i throw some mini potatoes and morning star chicken nuggets (that are really veggie) in the oven and steam some lima beans. when they are done i sit on the floor next to him and eat.

8pm. dad duty begins and i get to wash my face and warm up that apple pie great grandma nana brought me earlier. (i dont want it to go to waste!) corbin loves playing with his dad and he had been coo-ing and smiling the whole time, which makes it hard for me to be in the other room because i dont want to miss any of those moments!

8:45pm. its time for the corbinator to go to bed. plus he's getting fussy so we change his diaper, put on his pj's and rock him to sleep. he'll sleep thru the night til about four or five in the morning and i fall asleep right with him!

what a long day! but i wouldnt have it any other way. not all days turn out like this. sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night to eat. some days he's a little more fussy. i just follow his lead. do what makes him happy. my life has so much more meaning now that he's here and im so extremely happy to be able to stay home and see all those little moments with my very own eyes!

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