Sunday, October 11, 2009

seven weeks and so many changes!

what a difference a single day can make. one morning you wake up and your baby is smiling non stop, coo-ing like crazy, puckering his lips, and blowing spit bubbles! its the cutest thing ever. we love talking back to him and are always wondering what's going on his little brain! he's still wearing newborn clothes but sometimes we find a 3-month onsie that fits his chubby belly! we're looking forward to his two month check up in a couple weeks so i can ask all my pages of questions! also i think he's going thru one of his many growth spurts. he's been sleeping like crazy lately! but who could complain, i get a lot done and sleep a lot more too!
this weekend we had our first big family all day outing adventure! we've gone places here and there but we're always back in time to feed corbin comfortably at home. well, i pumped all week and practiced bottle feeding to prepare for saturday so we could be gone for more than just two hours!
the day started out at my pal merissa and jay's wedding in enumclaw. she looked gorgeous in her wedding dress, the ceremony was cozy, full of love and laughter, and very special. my favorite moments were when they exchanged rings the sun came out from behind a cloud or something and lit up the stained glass background behind them inside the church. and i loved how when the ceremony was over we were all outside and they rang the church bell super loud and the newlyweds were whisked away in a fancy, white, old fashioned bentley! it felt like a wedding from a movie! corbin did great and only let out one little squeal the whole time! i was so happy to be a part of their special day. and wish so much we could have made it to the reception but...

then we were off to adam and katie's engagement dinner at stanley and seaforts in tacoma. you know, the one you always drive by on i-5 but never can figure out how someone would actually get up to! haha we'll so be going there again! omg, the food was DELICIOUS! and the company was fun too. they both have great families and we're so happy they found eachother, fell in love, and are now getting married! ryan has a lot of work ahead of him being the co-best man! :)

so, after all that i've come to the conclusion i hate pumping and would rather just excuse myself from wherever i am to go somewhere private and feed him. i worked so hard all week to pump enough for him to practice taking a bottle then we ended up in the car in the parking lot with my dress lifted all the way up to my neck feeding him myself during dinner because he wouldn't take the bottle all of a sudden! agh! and then the five ounces of breast milk went completely to waste because i FORGOT it was in the diaper bag until one day later! i can't even bring myself to pour it down the drain.

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