Monday, October 26, 2009

on this day, seven years ago...

i went on the first of many dates with the man of my dreams, the father of my child, my very best friend!

i got a job in late september 2002 doing customer service for verizon wireless. i remember having an orientation day at a hotel in auburn and noticing this cool, blue explorer with the music up loud pull into the parking lot with snowboarding stickers on it and then a cute guy getting out and walking into the hotel. well guess who that cute guy ended up to be!?! there were probably about one hundred people there that day and we were informed we would be broken up into three different classes. when i showed up to training class that next week i was SO happy to see that cute guy from orientation in my class! i had a one in three chance! :) over the next couple weeks i made friends with people in the class but never really talked to that cute guy. i mis-took his shyness for arrogance until one day we had to find a partner for an assignment and i just happened to pick a pal that was sitting right next to the boy i'd admired from behind in the back of the class all these weeks. so finally i struck up a conversation with him. i'd mentioned wanting to see that movie 8 mile with eminem (give me a break, i was 19! haha) and told ryan he should take me. and he said OKAY! so we swapped numbers and went to the movies that friday night. we ended up seeing the ring and both wanted to hang out more after the movie was over so i went over to his house. we spent the rest of the night watching another movie and getting to know eachother better. i even ended up meeting his parents that first night! they came home late from the casino. they were both so nice and funny! there was no good night kiss until date number two (which was the next day!) its fun for us to talk about those early, fun, and flirty days now because he remembers seeing me that first day too and was just as interested in me as i was in him!
i couldn't imagine spending the last seven years or the rest of my life with anyone but him.
here are some pics from those early years...

fun fact: today would have been nick lachey and jessica simpson's seven year wedding anniversary too had they stayed together...

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  1. Happy 7 years! I love learning how people met and got together. And I totally watched Nick and Jessica on Newlyweds!


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