Tuesday, September 15, 2009

how we got here in ten pictues or less.

before i start bragging and showing off my new little bundle i thought i'd give a brief history how he came to be.
it all started october 2002 when i met the man of my dreams! we started dating and never left each others side. for three years we enjoyed traveling, cheering on our favorite sports teams, going to movies, and eating out! then christmas eve 2005 we got engaged and married in august 2006. ryan had wanted a baby since the first day i met him but i was a little more hesitant. one reason was the pain. i hate pain and im a huge cry baby. the other was the life-long commitment i was freaked out to make. after years of persistance from my baby-crazed husband i was finally ready and again at christmas time 2008 i found out i was pregnant. and nine months later we now have this handsome baby corbin who has no doubt flipped our world up-side-down in the best possible way and now we get to share with all our family and friends his adventurous tales...so check back often and i'll try to keep this blog going!

much love.

our first photo together.
the grand canyon!
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florida and a caribbean cruise.
go seahawks!
our wedding day.

baby corbin. twenty weeks pregnant.
and here's the outside of the belly!
and here's who was inside! :)

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