Thursday, December 31, 2009

two thousand nine.

tons of birthdays this month! every week we're out to eat. (which for a newly pregnant lady is okay with me!) we're celebrating my sisters in this picture at the portage bay cafe!

i turned twenty six. and valentine's day is one of my most favorite holidays! here i am thirteen weeks pregnant.

happy 13th birthday to my jadie! we celebrated with a weekend at the great wolf lodge. i felt baby's first kick and we heart his heartbeat for the first time!

this moment was priceless. i never knew you could see SO MUCH on an ultrasound! but we didnt find out if we were having a boy or girl until he was born!

baseballin' and babymoonin' we had a great trip to california and went to A TON of baseball games!

getting ready to move from our home to a rental so i can stay home with our baby and be closer to ryan's family.

i love summer! and my nephew turned sixteen!!!

corbin is finally here after being induced and eighteen hours of drug-free labor! best day of my life! ryan and i also celebrated our third wedding anniversary and ryan's birthday this month!

i love love love being a mom.

corbins first halloween and trip to the pumpkin patch!

my two most favorite people.

corbin celebrated his first christmas!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

four month check up.

yesterday we had another great visit with our pediatrician at corbin's four month check up. he was wearing a super cute new outfit and i think he knew he looked adorable because he was flirting it up with the nurses. and the lady who checked us out at the baby store earlier that day! [where corbin scored a brand new pair of robeez for eight bucks!]

dr rudnick was super impressed that corbin could sit up on his own too! but corbin wasnt in the mood to show off his skills and instead just threw himself backwards everytime i tried sitting him up! but here's proof from the other day...

here's his stats:
he weighs in at 14 lb 15 oz. (42% percentile)
his noggin is 41.5 cm (24% percentile)
and he is 2' 0.65" long (30% percentile)

we asked lots of questions about corbin's hair loss, eating and sleeping schedule, and his eczema (which is getting SO MUCH better!). i've been hearing a lot about pediatricians starting babies out on food at four months nowadays and was glad she agreed that breast milk was the best for baby until six months. also, i've been concerned about corbin not being able to sleep in his bassinet without waking up four hundred million times a night and think im going to start researching the no-cry sleep solution method since cry it out is not welcomed in this house! anyone have any luck with this?

and here's a pic dad snapped with his phone while we were waiting for the doctor all wrapped up in a towel because mom always forgets to bring his blanket in!

he was not this happy for long because we had to go downstairs and get two vaccines afterwards. but he was already sleepy and took a long snooze on the ride home.

Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas shin-digs!

i hope everyone's christmas was merry and bright. we sure had a great time!

christmas eve we headed over to ryan's parents house for pizza and game night. but this year instead of playing phase 10 or dominos everyone got hooked on the new wii mario game! corbin also got his exersaucer that night to play with too! and dad got to put it together!!! he LOVES it!

mimi started a tradition with corbin that every christmas eve she is going to buy him a pair of christmas pj's and a book to read that night. i had been trying to find cute christmas pj's everywhere for corbin but nowhere had his size. we were even grocery shopping at fred meyer recently and i held up a newborn pair and asked ryan if we could "just shove him in these ones! he HAS TO have christmas pj's!" so unwrapping that present made me so happy! and that night i read corduroy to corbin before bed.
grammy stopped by to visit and give corbin his present christmas morning. he really liked the shiny wrapping paper! i guarantee he wanted to eat it! AND all the new clothes, bibs, and socks too!

then we went to ryan's parents again for a delicious steak dinner (well chicken dinner for me!) and more presents! we were all so spoiled! corbin scored a new owl hat and rattle from etsy, among TONS of other stuff!

my favorite presents were my balboa ring sling (that i hauled corbin around in shopping and he LOVED!) and a gift certificate to my hair salon because one income+a new baby does not=being able to afford sixty dollar haircuts!

the last few days have been a little more fast paced then we're used to so it was nice to just relax and hang out at home for the rest of the weekend. (well after i went shopping saturday!)

im really looking forward to finally celebrating christmas with my mom, sister, niece, and nephew at the end of this week too. once they get back from yak! and then again with ryan's grandpa in the middle of january! the celebrating never ends...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

we're pregnant!

one year ago today i went and did my usual day-after-christmas clearance shopping except that year i picked up a little something special. a pregnancy test. okay, four of them. being possibly pregnant is one of the most overwhelmingly amazing feelings ever. i remember it being ALL i thought about every single day and lucky for us it only took one month! when i got home that evening i didnt tell ryan i bought the tests. i instead drank four hundred and seventy six glasses of water and raced down the hall to the bathroom, closed the door behind me, and peed on that stick! TWO PINK LINES!!! WE'RE PREGNANT!!! maybe its just the drama of the movies but i dont remember having to wait long for the results. things went a little something like this: pee on stick. set stick on box on counter. see two pink lines. re-read instructions five times to be sure. yell back to ryan "im just fine in here! what do you mean i've been in here a long time?" read instructions again. shove evidence under the sink. run into the living room to find that cute red box to put this positive pregnancy test in. run into the computer room where ryan is. say (with every ounce of calmness in my body eventhough im shaking like crazy and want to scream and jump up and down!!!), "oh hunny. weird. i cant believe i forgot to give you this present yesterday." ryan opens the box. says, "what does this mean?" i say, "read it!" he says, "what does this mean?" WE'RE PREGNANT! hugs. kisses. tears. silence. smiles. high five. and here we are, exactly one year later. little corbin in my arms napping while i write this. if i thought this past year was the best of my life, there's no telling how much better this coming year is going to be! this picture was taken last christmas. we found out corbin was on his way the next day. and here's how we told our families. ryan had been keeping his family pretty informed in our trying-to-conceive plans but i had been keeping things a little more of a secret with my family. i wanted our announcement to be a huge surprise to them! ryan called his mom after we found out that night and asked her if she was ready to be a grandma! word spread quick and most of his whole family knew that night! they were all so excited and happy for us. we waited to tell my family because we were headed to cathlamet the next morning for our christmas celebration. that was the longest two-hour trip i've ever taken! knowing i was pregnant and not sharing it with the people i love most was so hard to do! my niece jaden loves to bake and for my birthday the year before she made me my very own apple pie. i fell in love! but she was quick to let me know she wouldnt bake me another one until i had a cousin growing in my belly for her! so before my sister and the kids picked us up that morning i went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients to an apple pie, wrapped them all individually, and put them in a box! when christmas present opening was all done that evening i told jaden i had one more present for her. it was really for everyone! i discreetly placed the camera on my lap and here's what happened next...

because its now the day after christmas...

and the presents are given and the christmas cards are delivered. i can post corbin's christmas pictures!

i hope everyone had a very merry christmas! we sure did!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

i want an official red ryder carbine-action two-hundred-shot range model air rifle!

we took corbin to see santa at bellevue square the other evening. i think we'll have to wait til next year for the "get me off this strange jolly red guys lap right this second" screaming photo because corbin nustled right into this santas arm and almost passed out when i set him down!

[nevermind my outfit. we didnt PLAN on taking family pictures! whatevs]

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

merry christmas.

the anticipation is KILLING ME!

this picture was taken last weekend during a christmas celebration with ryan's dads side of the family. corbin scored a great addition to his college fund, tons of seahawks baby gear, and some new shiny toys! we ate delicious food and laughed a lot!

my sister and the kids have forever been going to her dads house for christmas and we tried to plan our christmas bash last tuesday but my mom got sick so we're planning on celebrating together once they all get back!

tomorrow we're going last minute christmas shopping and then going to ryan's mom and dads house for shaky's pizza and game night!!! phase ten, here i come!!!

then christmas day we'll spend here at home with our new family. im so excited for corbin to wake up in christmas jammies and open his presents from santa! he's not even going to know whats going on but im for sure going to be a cry-baby mess!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

snowflake lane.

corbin and i headed to bellevue friday to meet ryan after work for some christmas shopping and to show corbin one of my all time most favorite parts of the holiday season, snowflake lane! he was all bundled up in two pair of socks, baby legs, sweats, a short AND long sleeve onesie, fleece hoodie, and a his seahawks snowsuit and wool beanie! im pretty sure he was warm enough because by the time i bundled him up and walked half a block to lincoln square i was sweating!

i was nervous the drummer boys might be a little too loud and he would freak out or that people would be looking at us crazy for bringing a little baby out but there were babies EVERYWHERE and corbin loved checking everything out! we even got our picture taken with rudolph, frosty, and a cozy polar bear!

i can't wait to take him every year!

i have a four month old bay-bay!

wait, what!?! am i being punked? ashton? where's ashton? four months old! no way!

i dont know if its the holidays or my hormones but i've been in a total reminiscing mood lately. even busted out my ultrasound video and watched it with ryan the other night. and went thru my calendar re-living all the little "baby's first heartbeat" and the "our big ultrasound!!!" moments i have written down. today i even glued in all my pictures in my belly book and re-lived my whole pregnancy week by week. and anytime i see a baby around the same age as corbin i can't help but think how they are the generation he's growing up with.

corbin has grown SO MUCH this past month. both his personality and his size! i would guess he's about fifteen pounds already but we'll officially know on our appt next monday. all i know is my back hurts from carrying him everywhere!

corbin finally loves tummy time and has even rolled over a few times this past month! he grabs and can hold his toys, which then go directly in his mouth-which is where his hands are every other second! he loves sitting in his bumbo and playing with his toys in his playmat too! he's put himself to sleep a few times too and once even fell asleep sitting up! otherwise ryan or i rock him to sleep, which i do not mind! he's only this little once.

he loves loves loves bath time! always has. and even took a shower with dad for the first time. although i dont know how people actually wash their babies while taking a shower!?!

my favorite parts of this last month are how vocal corbin has been. he is always talking and his little voice absolutely melts my heart! his favorite is to make noise when he's inhaling! its so funny. AND he has been laughing a lot more too. that is by far the best sound i've ever heard! i bawl my brains out crack up everytime he does it! but he never laughs at the same thing twice. bummer!

corbin is sleeping really well at night (8-9 pm til about 4-5 am!) but my sleep patterns are a whole 'nother story. i used to be able to sleep standing up in the middle of a mosh pit while the earth is quaking! now, there are some nights no matter how hard i try i just can't sleep! but don't worry, once corbin wakes up in the morning, THEN i'm tired and would do anything for a nap!

it also snowed for the first time in his little life a couple weeks ago! it only dusted the ground and didn't last very long (whew!) but still! it was his first time in the snow!!!

i can't believe how fast this last four months has gone by! in two months he'll be half a year old!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh christmas tree.

we were super prompt about putting our tree up this year-the day after thanksgiving! im just super late to blog about it. in fact, as i type this my tree is in the other room brown and dry its been un-earthed so long! or maybe its because we keep the house so warm?! usually we switch from colored lights to white ones every other year because im a fan of the colored ones but ryan likes them all white. but i actually think i got colored ones two years in a row this time!

i love the holiday season so much. its fun to dig all our decorations out of the shed and i am always surprised to see all the decorations i bought the year before on clearance that i forgot i even bought!

one of my favorite things about this season is putting all our ornaments on the tree. each one means something and has such a great memory. here are a few of my favorites...

this one ryan's nan brought over a few weeks ago. she had it made for his second christmas.
and this one is from our trip to disneyland a few years ago during thanskgiving when jaden went to nationals for being miss washington jr. preteen! it was SUCH a fun trip!

these little married piglets are from the year we were first married. little pigs are the cutest!

and here's another one from our first year as a married couple! my pal merissa drew the picture and told me to put a real one in there once we took one but i've always liked her version better! and yes that IS spider man hanging in the background.

and here's my little christmas baby hanging out by the tree.
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